We integrate Cisco video systems and network solutions

Hybrid video solutions for workplace and school

We have meeting rooms and meeting spaces of all sizes. When it's easy to get started, video conferencing becomes a pure joy.

Technology for universities and colleges. Well-thought-out solutions that enable the lecture to be carried out with good results.

Classrooms must have the right technology to work for teaching. This is crucial to capture students' interest.

We support the cultural companies in Österlen

History & Vision

The company started in 2004. Since the start we've had a wide spectrum of exciting jobs

The bigger part of our customer range is within other companies and the public sector. We also have a few private clients. Our vision have been since the start to 
build smart AV-technology and smart meetingsrooms so that people can work effectivly togheter both on distance and in the same room.

We take it as far as possible with the leading brands within AV-techonology on the market. We guarantee that we will always deliver a stable and secure solution.
An important factor here can be the look on incomming units and the entire AV-equipment. We have a broad field of experience regarding different enviroments and 
premises and can therefore tailor AV-solutions with your perspective in focus