Advanced conference rooms

Presentation technology without boundarys

Together with you, we create your advanced conference room. Either it concerns the auditorium, boardroom or meeting room. The integration of audiovisual technology in the conference room is important for the success of the meeting. A simple push of a button and you are off to the meeting.

Selectable additional functions

  • With "Bring your own device" - BYOD, you can easily connect your own device to the company's network. Your own PC, MAC or smart device can be used to share image and sound on various presentation media within the company.
  • Room booking board with support for MS Exchange MS Outlook
  • Interactive screens (works as a whiteboard but digitally) to collaborate on various projects etc.
  • Any function or AV technology can be integrated into the larger room solutions.
  • Monitoring of included units / components. Error message is sent to emergency services or technicians for action.