AV-installation & service

We help you realize your projects.

We do the entire AV installation, take overall responsibility from idea to operational AV system with full documentation. Let us be involved from the beginning in your AV project, already in the early construction phase. We are by your side until everything is ready.

It is important for us to train you as a user and give a full understanding of how your system works. Everything for your facility to work painlessly. We carefully document all parts of your AV system so you can go back and find answers to questions etc. in the future.


Do you already have a facility that has a few years on its neck, no problem! Maybe it's not time to replace it anyway? We trim and maintain what still works.

We perform service on all facilities. Such we have delivered but also what you already have. We also offer the opportunity to sign service agreements. It gives you the opportunity to have your AV equipment regularly checked and tested. We have different levels of service agreements. The most common choice is one inspection per year. We also sign service agreements for existing, older AV systems.